Current status of seed sale

3 390 131 VRTR 10M VRTR

Re-tyre Token Sale

The cost-effective, environmentally friendly recycling of used tyres and other waste rubber.

Re-tyre Token Sale

Environmental protection placed into the hands of the community

Seed sale

3 390 131 VRTR 10M VRTR





The purpose of the RTR token is to enable an international access provided by the blockchain, also broad availability and support for the trading.

What is the Re-tyre?

Re-tyre’s technology is a novel method for the transformation of negative-value waste into marketable products.



Every year around 1.5-1.8 billion used tyres are created. This represents a huge used tyre mountain, and if the tyres were to be placed next to one another the line would extend 22 times around the planet. The professional and sustainable neutralisation and recycling of tyres is however possible, because old tyres represent secondary raw materials. Today nearly 3.3 million tonnes of waste tyres are recycled every year by shredding just in the EU. Nevertheless, the various procedures existing at present are expensive, and this is why numerous countries send their accumulated rubber waste to the Far East, India, Malaysia2, etc. where the waste is burnt in uncontrolled, cheap pyrolysis “plants” causing exceptional amounts of damage to the environment and health. Re-tyre Ltd is committed to the eco-efficient recycling of used vehicle tyres without the extensive use of resources.



Green Rubber Cracking is a process that breaks down the crosslinked elastomer particles, and then further reduces the size of the particles via mechanical grinding. The tyre disintegration developed by us is an innovative process that, as opposed to conventional methods, has several end products. During the process the steel and textile cord becomes completely separated from the crumb rubber in the areas directly affected by diffusion. The shredding of the remaining material becomes significantly faster as a result of the Green Rubber Cracking technology, and so the entire process requires significantly less energy as compared to conventional processes. A unique feature of the system is that it is energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly!


The Re-tyre platform is based on to facilitate the implementation of the contracts, thereby reducing the need for agents and expensive background processes.


In blockchain-based supply chain management origin tracking, registration and the sharing of data become much simpler, because the transactions saved on the blockchain cannot be changed or deleted. This is why the history of any product can be tracked from its creation until its supply via the blockchain-supply chain. Trackability is beneficial in identifying and solving problems in supply chain processes.

Building trust

If the blockchain is implemented in the supply chains, it becomes easier to establish trust. The unchangeable nature of the blockchain prevents falsification of the supply chain system, while the consensus mechanism validates every new transaction.

Cost reduction

By expelling third parties, it reduces the costs in the supply chain process, prevents fraud and falsification, and overcomes the chance of doubt in the product. The parties involved can process payments with digital tokens, and not with conventional, centralised financing systems.

Reduction of complexity

The intelligent contracts automatically perform operations such as payments, sending of alarms, transfer of ownership, access to information and other operations. The reason for this is that the intelligent contracts are code-based; the new, mutually accepted contracts can be installed at any time. This approach does not only reduce the complexity of the contracts, but it also provides support for new business models.

Re-tyre token allocation

Re-tyre token scheduling

Sales round Sales price RTL sales Expected sales value Locked-up token (%) Waiting period before sale
Seed sale $0,05 10 million $500 000 100% blocked marketable 12 months after the seed sale
Presale $0,15 30 million $4 500 000 10% marketable with the start of the TGE 90% marketable 6 months after the TGE
ICO $0,25 10 million $2 500 000 Usable without locking -

Green rubber cracking technology


The Team

Our team is committed to the eco-efficient recycling of used vehicle tyres without the extensive use of resources.

Laszlo Rebek

Investor, managing director, owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can read the answers to the most frequently asked questions

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the cryptocurrency industry is equivalent to the initial public offering (IPO) that is typical of a commodity exchange. A company that wants to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service is launching an ICO as a way to raise funds. Interested investors can purchase from the offer and receive a new cryptocurrency token issued by the company. This token can be used utilised to use a product or service offered by a company, or it can determine the value of a company. Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is a popular capital raising method used primarily by startups who want to sell products and services that are typically associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain space. ICOs are similar to stocks.

The purpose of the RTR token is to address the internationalization globalisation, the widespread availability, and support for commercial processes provided by the blockchain. It builds a stable, secure, cost-efficient relationship between trading partners and gives the community the opportunity to protect the global environment

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is built on top of a technology called blockchain. It uses cryptography (encryption) to secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies represent a subset of digital currencies, but can also be classified as a group of alternative currencies or virtual currencies. A common feature of most cryptocurrencies is decentralization, ie operation without central supervision (similar to the Internet) which allows to be used as a payment method across borders.

Re-Tire uses the blockchain of Ethereum. The collective name for the tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain is ERC20, which is essentially the standard for the network. Why the Ethereum blockchain? Mainly because of smart contracts as well as because it is very simple. The purchase of an ICO token takes place in three installments: 1. We purchase Ethereum (ETH) from a FIAT- or cryptocurrency. 2. We send the ETH from the switch to our wallet. 3. We transfer the ETH from our wallet to the address of the ICO token and we receive the purchased token as an exchange.

Leverage is a trading mechanism investors can use to increase their exposure to the market by allowing them to pay less than the full amount (a margin) of the investment. Consequently using leverage in a cryptocurrency transaction, allows a trader to take on a greater position in a cryptocurrency without having to pay the full purchase price.

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We provide all the information on the Re-tyre website, but if you want to learn more, regarding about the purchase or sale, our colleagues will provide you further assistance by getting in touch with us at the "contact us" message-box below, or you may ask admins on our social media channels.

This method degrades the crosslinked structure of rubber. The technology is based on the surface oxidation of rubber, which leads to the partial destruction of intermolecular (intramolecular reaction) and intramolecular (intermolecular reaction) bonds by chemical degradation of the molecular chains of polymers or disruption of crosslinks (partial devulcanization). Completely carbon neutral. It does not use any chemicals and self-sufficient. It can be powered by a solar collector even in the middle of the desert.

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